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Valve Sizing

Placing the Right Valve in the Right Application makes for a great solution.    Not one valve will do for all applications; as such we have developed a form to help us in the selection process.  Allow us to access our knowledge base to select the right valve for your application.

Pre-Package Systems

By combining our knowledge base and manufactureres knowledge base along with the expertise of qualified steam and pipe fitters we can size and skid mount a system so you only need to connect the minimal amount of piping.  This ensures the correct equipment is married with the right system to give excellent perfomance with minimal installation problems.

Energy Audits

Energy has always been at the heart of any operation.  To ensure that your manufacturing facility operates to it's peek efficiency we offer some related services.  

Selection, sizing and specifications can make a difference in your overall operating efficiency.  Too small of a trap may cause your heating equipment to become sluggish in operation while a trap to large may waste vital energy.  Allow us to do a steam trap energy audit to ensure correct sizing and trap application is applied to your equipment.

Steam Trap Survey   

Snap shot - a mini survey for reviewing and spot checking of your trapping system requirements 

Plant Wide Survey - To ensure that the plant has an ongoing trap maintenance program.  A plant visit and review is required.

Coil Cleaning and Repair

Over years of operation All Heating Median Fouls.  We offer Cleaning Services to Most styles of Shell Tube Heat Exchangers, including ASME coded vessels, Refrigerant, Liquid to Liquid and Vapor to Liquid types of heat exchanger medians. 

In Plant Seminars

We are pleased to share our knowledge base with yourself to ensure your personal get the most out of the equipment that we sell and service.  To this end we have; over the years;  developed in house seminar and training sessions that can happen in your facility.  Steam traps, Control Valve Sizing, Loop Control, Product Seminars, Valve Repair and Calibration Training