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Success Stories

This section is designed to enlighten yourself as to some of our capabilities on projects that have taken place in our recent history.  

Automatic Back Wash Strainer For Cooling Tower

SSI Automatic Back Wash Strainer is used in a Major Southern Ontario University to give 100% protection in the cooling operation of their co-generation facility.  With out this strainer the operations of the co-generation would be in jeopardy during time in the years where leaves, pollen, and air born particles would clog the pipe lines and cooling jackets of the engines.

Turbine Admission Valve

Leslie Aeroflow
4 - 600 psig Flanged WC9 Body   Laminated Graphite Packing

T-2 Trim Equal Percent

6 Pneumatic Actuator

2 External Solenoids for 0.3 second closing

The Fastest Closing Time Yet!


Problem: Major Hydro Utility Leaking High Pressure Boiler Blow Down Valves.

Solution: Leslie Aeroflow Control Valve.

Advantages: Leslie Power Generation Series Aeroflow Control valves have a "ZERO cc/min" Shut off capability therefore energy saving alone pays for the new valve in less than 6 months of service.  Maintenance costs are recovered because of modular and simplicity design making this valve a MUST for the efficient power utility generator.  Line conditions 2350 psig inlet Atmosphere outlet.


Problem: Outdoor Safety Shower

Solution: Prepackaged Skid Mounted Safety Shower with integral hot water heating system to ensure effective and safe delivery of tempered water.

Advantage: Personnel is safe in a weather proof environment.  Skid mounted unit allows for fast and easy installation on sight.

Problem: Major Steel Producer Requires Continuous Hot Water For Personnel Shower Shift Change.

Solution: Leslie Constantemp Skidded Water Heater.

Advantages: One Source One Solution.  Less on sight Labour.  Less installation Costs.  Reducing overall Project installed costs. 

Hot Water Pallet Washing System for a Major Food Processing Plant in Southern Ontario

Problem: Major Automotive Plant required Removal of large volumes of  condensate in a Air Drying System.

Solution: Drain All

Advantage: Removal of water in air lines prevents major damage of pneumatic valves and equipment. 


With each new project comes a different challenge.  Because of our diverse backgrounds we accept our clients challenges and thrive on these experiences to better both our clients operations and expand our product base.

Here are examples of some of our accepted challenges...

Ready To Take On Your Challenge Today! 

What is Your Challenge For Us?!