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Control Valves

Single-Seated,  Unbalanced Valves with Cage Retained Seat

• 1 - 4" Valve Sizes

• Cv Range: 0.5 - 201

• ANSI CL 125 - 300, DIN PN10 - 40

• End Conn.: RFF, THD, SWE, BWE

• Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, WCB, CF8M


Quick DeliveryThese versatile  single-seated, unbalanced, cage-retained trim, diaphragm  control valves put the premium on performance at a  competitive price. Suitable for use in steam, water, gas  and process applications, this valve series has found  acceptance in industries ranging from food and beverage  processing to power generation.

Greater  Versatility
Heavy, 2-point stem guiding makes the DLO-2  especially suitable for dirty, viscous and corrosive  fluids as well as for clean fluids. Because there are  absolutely no threaded internal parts, these valves are  ideal for corrosive services. They can be maintained  without removing the valve from the pipeline.

Trim and cage options include  316 stainless steel (standard), resilient seats or  hardfacing with Stellite® alloy.

Lower-Cost Maintenance
Leslie's unique design allows maximum interchangeability  of parts. Substantial reduction of spare parts inventory  is possible because trim parts and actuators can be used  on many different body sizes.

DBOY-3, DBOYS-3 and  DBOS-3
Single-Seated,  Balanced Valves with Cage Throttling Trim

• 2 - 12" Valve Sizes

• Cv: 26 - 1240

• ANSI 150 - 600, DIN PN10 - 100

• End Conn.: BWE, SWE, RF,

• Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, WCB, WC9, CF8M


Quick DeliveryThese Leslie  control valves are rugged, reliable units specially  designed for use in steam, water, gas, vapor and  non-corrosive liquid service. The balanced  cage-throttling design permits these valves to be  operated with small, compact and economical actuators  against fluid pressure drops up to 1480 psig and 800°F.,  (subject to body pressure/temperature ratings and  actuator limits).

Hung-Cage Construction

A unique hung-cage throttling  design eliminates gasket damage and bonnet or seat leaks  due to thermal expansion. Anti-cavitation (Les-Cav)  and low-noise (Les-Sonic) cages are available for  special situations. Cages and trim material are 400  series stainless steel with optional Stellite®  hardfacing available.

Standard valve packing is braided Teflon® graphite.  Teflon® chevron and graphite type II is optional for  higher temperature service.

Easy Maintenance

The cage trim is easy to remove for inspection or  replacement. There are no welded, screwed-in or press-fit  parts. Capacity changes are achieved simply by replacing  the cage. There's no need to replace any other parts or  add any adapters.

Aeroflow High Performance Control Valves

• 1 - 16" Valve Sizes

• Cv Range: 0.01 - 3100

• ANSI CL 150 - 4500, DIN PN10 - 400

• End Conn.: BWE, SWE, RF, RTJ, THD

• Body Matíl: WCB, C5, WC9, CF8M


The  unique technology of the Aeroflow begins with aerodynamic  vanes cast into the valve body inlet and outlet. Inlet  vanes help divert incoming flow evenly around the cage,  minimizing turbulence and flow instability as well as  improving flow capacity. Outlet vanes minimize turbulence  to reduce noise and body erosion. A wide range of  interchangeable trim options and custom characterized  cages provide the flexibility of many sought after  benefits.


Tight Shut-Off (exceeds ANSI Class VI)
Unlike competitive valves rated for Class IV, V, or VI  shut-off, Aeroflow's pressure energized pilot balanced  plug provides zero cc/min. leak rates, without penalty of  huge actuators, even with metal to metal seats at full  body pressure/temperature ratings. Aeroflow's shut-off  capability is in a class all its own. The pilot balanced  plug design minimizes actuator size and cost. Proven  pilot design also eliminates the need for any piston  seals to insure tight shut-off, greatly increasing the  valve's reliability.

Parts Interchangeablity
With the exception of bodies, all parts are  interchangeable between globe and angle body styles with  the same size and function. Facilities needing various  trim designs in both globe and angle style bodies can  minimize parts inventories, maintenance and training.

Tri-Sheer Protected Seat  Design
Proven in more than 20 years of power plant service,  Leslie's "protected" seat design protects  Aeroflow's superior shut-off characteristic three ways.  First, the protected seat prevents high velocity  transients at opening or closure of the valve. Secondly,  a five-stage pressure drop occurs near the seating  position and last, the plug/seat surface is withdrawn  from the direct flow to prevent direct particle  impingement or clamping. The Tri-Sheer allows prolonged  throttling at the seat without wire draw due to high  clearance flow velocities.

Quick-Change Seat Design
In 4-16" body sizes, Aeroflow's seat ring is not  threaded, welded, or loaded in place by the cage. Seat  retention and seat gasket loading are accomplished with a  stainless steel load ring and multiple silver-plated load  screws for controlled seat gasket loading which is  impervious to thermal shock.

Hung Cage for Thermal Expansion
The quick-change seat features a cage which is hung in  the body. This allows the cage to expand freely through  sudden wide variations in fluid temperature. This  tolerance for cage expansion solves the typical problems  seen in cage retained designs such as cage warping, plug  binding, galling, and crushed gaskets.

Class KMax Rotary Control Valves

• 1 - 8" Valve Sizes

• Cv Range: 0.25 - 800

• ANSI 150 - 600

• End Conn.: RFF, Wafer

• Body Mat'l: WCB, CF8M, Exotic Alloys


The Leslie K-Max is designed and engineered to handle nearly all industrial process control requirements. For over 15 years, the K-Max has been in successful service in thousands of applications worldwide including high and low pressure steam, clean, dirty, and corrosive liquids and gases, and erosive and abrasive slurries.

Superior Features

Other features include reduced port trim options, class V shutoff option, Alloy 6® trim hardening option, bi-directional flow capability (while maintaining shut-off class in either direction), and triple bearing large diameter precision splined shaft for tortional and flexural rigidity with excellent radial support.

Greater Efficiency

Efficient straight-through flow design allows for a much lower cost per Cv than conventional globe style valves with the same degree of quality people have come to expect from Leslie.

DigiValve Series Control Valves

DigiDBOY and DigiDLO,  Electrically Actuated Linear Control Valves

• 2 - 8" Valve Sizes

• End Conn.: BWE, SWE, RF, RTJ, THD

• Cv: .5 - 760


• ANSI 150 - 600, DIN PN10 - 100

• Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, WCB, WC9, CF8M

Leslie’s New DigiValves features the Digi Electric Actuator mounted on Leslie DLO and DBOY control valve bodies. The DigiValves offer all the same great features and benefits of Leslie’s DBOY and DLO with an electrical actuator.  They are especially recommended for light industrial, commercial and higher performing HVAC liquid and steam applications.

DigiValves feature a Digital Actuator Control (DAC) for precise control. The DAC allows automatic adaptation to valve stroke and characteristic and provides a 4-20 mA feedback signal. Digi Actuators are available in three thrust/speed combinations and can accept analog signals (4-20 mA, 0-10 V DC or PROFIBUS DP) or signals from 3-term-step controllers. A DigiValve is capable of shutoff to 750 psi. The Digi Electric Actuator is CE Certified (the European Equivalent of UL in the United States). Digi Actuators are available with separate bi-directional force and limit switches, a self-locking stall proof stop motor, manual hand wheel and heater.    DigiDBOY


DigiValve Actuator