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Constantemp® Feedforward System  

Obvious though it seems many facilities with steam-generating capability overlook the economy and convenience of using some of that steam to heat water or other liquids.

Leslie Constantemp® heaters use a tightly-coiled circulating exchanger to transfer heat energy from the isolated steam flow to the desired liquid. These systems can take advantage of very low steam pressures and can deliver liquids at precisely defined temperatures.

Leslie Constantemp® steam heaters are available in two steam inlet pressure ranges: 2-15 or 15-200 psig. Heating is instant on demand and capacity can be as much as 7,200 gallons per hour. Temperature variation is a maximum of ±4°F. The standard coil material is copper but Admiralty and cupro-nickel coils are available as special-service options.

The heart of the Leslie Constantemp® steam water heater is the feedforward blending device. The hot and cold water blend ratio is accurately proportioned to maintain the set temperature for all flow demands. Water is blended instantly; automatically; with virtually no lag in response time.

Should movement of the blending valve be restricted by foreign matter carried in the water flow a yielding spring arrangement allows the diaphragm and stem to move up uncovering a heat damper, the characterized blending valve. This damper allows more cold water to enter the blended mix eliminating the possibility of overheating or scalding.

Available sizes include 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105 and 120 GPM models with adjustable ranges from 105°F to 180°F.


Constantemp® Skidded Heater Systems

As installation costs increase and manpower availability decreases, it is more important than ever to find the most economical method of installing equipment. In most cases installing it yourself would cost less than hiring an outside contractor, if you have the manpower, the time, and the expertise to install the equipment. (when installing even the simplest piece of equipment, it takes time to read the instructions, determine the materials needed, purchase the materials, and complete the installation.)

The Skidded Concept
The skidded Constantemp® water heating system solves this problem by placing the entire system complete with steam traps, strainers, gauges and interconnecting piping on a frame or skid. Connect the steam, water, and condensate piping, and the unit is ready to use.

All the guess work and preparation time is eliminated, and Leslie assumes full system responsibility. There is never a question as to pipe size, distance to the steam reducing valve, or proper trap installation. All the work is done for you except for the utility connections.

The standard package has everything necessary to operate the heater. Optional equipment available includes recirculation pumps, pumping traps, steam reducing valve, and redundant safety shutdown devices. All connections are flanged and are placed at the edge of the assembly. Even the largest unit will fit through a standard doorway. Or we can custom design a complete system to suit your unique requirements. Everything you need to get yourself in hot water FAST - engineered, manufactured, and assembled by the steam management experts at Leslie Controls.